Founded by Prabha Raghavan, Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy is a Bharatanatyam Institution in the heart of Mississauga. The Academy trains students from beginner to advanced levels in the Tanjavur style of Bharatanatyam.

Students remain engaged through the year in rigorous lessons, theory classes, workshops, and rehearsals. The Academy and its students are presented with unique opportunities to collaborate and participate in productions with community and charitable organizations across the Greater Toronto Area.

The Academy has successfully launched several of its senior students through solo debuts or Arangetrams. Students also participate in semi annual School Days set to various themes, and have been involved in several sold-out Sri Sanskriti Dance Productions.

Over the past 15+ years, Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy, along with the support of the students, families, and the community, continues to make their mark in the world of Art and Culture.